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Content Management System
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This Content Management System supports management, collection, and approval/publishing of site content. A site content can take in many different forms or content types such as: rich texts, photos, media, banners, catalogs, blogs, documentation, journals, download lists, feature lists, etc. Such content types follow a content lifecycle. That lifecycle is easily managed by the content management system engine.

For media: mov, wmv, flv, swf, h.264, mp4, mp3 formats are supported. The appropriate player for each of these formats are automatically selected and configured on the fly.

One particular aspect I thought of when I designed this system is the management of various content types. When a site starts involving so many different content types, a site can quickly become a real nightmare to manage. Content types here are treated as categorized items, and are structured in a way that organization of data becomes easier to manage.

Each content instance is tracked and versioned by the system. A content instance can also be locked to prevent accidental modification. Each content instance can be configured to have certain elements, or certain functionality, or certain behavior, and at the same time controlled tightly in a way to retain the site's overall theme and look-and-feel. New content is held pending for final proofing and then released or published. Each content can be configured to have either of the 4 layers of security granularity: public, subscribers-only, user-specific, and private.

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