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Build a Boat Winterizing Kit
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For the past boating seasons, I've searched for a winterizing kit so I can do the winterizing work myself. Local boat dealerships in town do NOT carry them! I've searched online both in Canada and US and found some in the US for about $40US plus another $30US approximately for shipping and handling. I thought that does not make any sense at all to pay this amount for just a plastic jug with a valve and a hose attachment!

In my frustration, I built my own. The list below are the materials one can readily purchase from department and/or local hardware stores.

Here is that list of tools and supplies:

  • a 7-gallon water jug with a hideaway spout locally available from Canadian Tire or WalMart stores
  • a 3/4"FPT x SLIP plastic adapter purchased from CanadianTire (FPT = Female Pipe Tread). This adapter perfectly mates with the spout of the water jug! NOTE: I permanently glued this adapter to the spout of the water jug
  • a 3/4"MPT x 3/4"FHT plastic adapter picked up at a local hardware store (MPT = Male Pipe Tread, FHT = Female Hose Tread). This adapter converts your standard pipe tread to the garden-hose type tread; mates with the FPTxSLIP adapter
  • optional garden hose quick-connectors
  • a 6-8 foot garden hose that one can easily build from scratch
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