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Aero Kit Installation
BMW X5 (E70)
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I am covering the tricky part here of mounting a Rear Spoiler with a BMW Hitch installed. BMW states that an Aero Kit is not compatible when there is a Hitch installed. What I am trying to show here is that --- yes, it can be done and in fact, with time and patience, one can perfectly fit the spoiler against the Hitch receiver.

For the actual steps on mounting the difference pieces of the Aero Kit, please refer to the documentation the kit came with. 

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Preposition the center spoiler/apron and mark reference lines of where the apron will be mounted on the existing bumper fascia.

Cover the areas where the cuts will be made with masking tape

I used a coping saw to cut out the portion where it mates with the hitch receiver (the one that is sticking out)

Take note of the rounded corners of the cut and how it perfectly mates with the receiver.

This is the reason why I used a coping saw to cut out the piece.

Here's a picture of the mounted rear spoiler as viewed from underneath the vehicle

For the bottom cover of the spoiler, make the appropriate cut using a coping saw as well. NOTE: I used a cardboard template to determine where the cut will be.

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