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Hitch Installation
BMW X5 (E70)
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 Cut and paste this url and share this link:

This guide is a compilation of steps I took and other tips from several sources. I have combined and modified most of the images and added my own part where appropriate because my X5 have the Aero Kit (which I also installed myself).

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  • OEM Hitch Kit includes Cross Member w/ Receiver Tube, Control Module, Harness - P/N: 71-60-0-413-359
  • Control Module & Wiring Harness (this usually comes with the OEM Hitch)
  • removable retaining clips
  • Torque Wrench
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Socket Wrench


1.The bumper reflectors can be removed either by a screwdriver or by simply reaching up from underneath and releasing the spring clips. I think doing it by a screwdriver is a little harder. Make sure the car hasn’t been run for some time, so that the exhaust system is cool. You can’t avoid brushing your arm up against it. Your arm has to reach around the exhaust pipe – I found that I had to use my left hand on the left side reflector, and my right hand on the right side reflector, because of the particular curvature needed. Refer to the pictures for the location of the spring clips. Squeeze the two spring clips together, and the reflector pops right out! It can be re-installed from the outside by just pressing it in place.

2.Have a torque wrench handy when you install the hitch with the eight new nuts. Torque it to 80ft-lbs. That has to be done before the rear bumper fascia is re-installed, because you can’t reach them after that is in place.

3.The 3-pin vehicle BUS connector on my X5 was wrapped around the original wiring harness and then wrapped with black electrical tape. That made it pretty hard to locate. If you have problems finding yours, just look for wires of the proper colors, and trace them into the bundle where they are wrapped for protection. The plastic connector was completely hidden by the tape wrap, so that takes some searching. It’s in there, though!

For the remainder of the step-by-step procedure, please refer to the OEM Application Guideline that came with the OEM Hitch.

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