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 25May2017 - My Loaner For The Weekend
Date: Fri May 26 23:24:19 MDT 2017, [ 1 photo ]
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Grateful to have this loaner for the weekend while my 911Turbo is being serviced: a brand new Porsche Cayenne S e-Hybrid...

And there goes the saying, "Once you've driven one, you've driven one!"  (Sorry for the pun)

If I ever get to buy another SUV or get to choose another one, it will definitely be this breed, hands down! There is no comparison to any other out there other than their empty marketing hype. This? This changes everything - from quality, to ride, to attention, to details, to performance. No compromise! This ain't the Turbo model even yet! Definitely switching to the "P" camp!

Just saying...

 Date Taken: Thu May 25 2017
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