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15Apr2016 - My Photography Gallery Launched
Date: Fri Apr 15 07:16:19 MDT 2016, [ 1 photo ]
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I trace back my interest with photography to my early years in the visual art scene, particularly in the watercolor form, which often became a quest to capture light in my work, an inspiration to compose by the contrast of light and dark, and transforming color to evoke feelings or alter a perception. I used photography as my base, a conceptual format, or a prototype if you like, to start my watercolor painting and interpret it in a different light.

It wasn't long enough that I realized how photography has also altered my view of the world, how mundane things that we tend to ignore can be transformed by capturing light as a powerful physical presence, cultivating brilliance and contrast - while expressing emotions through colour, texture, harmony, rhythm, composition and perspective. To me, photography is not all about a "technically perfect rendering", but that ability to evoke a story through light and composition -- a personal expression. So often, I visualize an image before I take a shot, often searching for that right scene or light or angle -- and sometimes that scene may not come as perceived but that is ok because it becomes a training ground for me for patience. I may come back to the same scene or location several times during the day for different takes and interpretation. My lens has given me the tool to interpret my surroundings uniquely, invoking inspiration from the most insignificant of objects.

My exposure to different art forms, but particularly to my watercolor painting, has enriched my photography in turn. It has inspired me to become more experimental and technical while combining art techniques much like different brush strokes into my photography.

I have adapted from my watercolor painting and extended my own as always fascinated by the sublimity of nature - nature being heroic, nature being the ultimate creation and expression of the Almighty. As easily struck by these awesome forces, my ultimate goal is not to re-present but actually to present my respect for Him in a new and deeper context.

Someone has said, "I am inspired by the moments we lose to memory. I hope to bottle up happy moments in my photographs to save for later." Perhaps unsurprisingly, a photo will reference memories of home and family, travels, or a "moment in time". Ultimately, this collection of work comes from my desire to preserve important details that speak so beautiful moments in my life.

God is good!

All the time....

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 Date Taken: Sun Apr 17 2016
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