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2012 Travels & Holidays
 2012May - Suite Times - Puerto Morelos MX
Date: Sat May 19 11:50:50 MDT 2012, [ 45 photos ]
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Being an El Cid Club Member, we had the opportunity to book a huge fully appointed ocean-front 3 bedroom suite furnished with a big living room, a dining area, a kitchen, private balconies, and an outdoor jacuzzi.

Throughly enjoyed all the comfort, amenities, and the full service we had during our stay. The 24-hour room service was great. Our minibars were fully stocked all the time. Often times, we had an early breakfast delivered to our room but still ended up visiting the restaurant for another breakfast. And, who would not love that! I blame it on the hot weather!

 Location(s): El Cid Resorts & Spa - Puerto Morelos, Riviera Maya, Mexico
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