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Place the motorcycle on its center stand. If you are not equipped with one, put it on stable auxilliary stand.


Tools needed:

  • socket wrench
  • T30 Torx bit
  • T45 Torx bit
  • 22mm hex drive
  • Torque wrench

(Optional) Before taking the rear brake caliper out, unclip the ABS wire from the brake line to prevent it from accidental damage.

Using a Torx T45 bit, loosen up the two torx bolts that hold the brake caliper to the frame.

Once the torx bolts are loose enough, you can just thumb-screw it out.

Carefully take out the brake caliper and set it out of the way. Note of the ABS wire. Unclip the wires further if needed.

Using a Torx T50, loosen up the lug bolts that hold the wheel to the hub. Loosen it in a star-pattern.

On my bike, I have a Remus Performance exhaust and there is a lot of room in between the tires that I did not have to loosen up the exhaust out of the way. Bonus!

Roll out the rear wheel.

Reinstall the rear wheel (with the new tires) and

  • torque the lug bolts to 50nM in a star-pattern
  • then, tighten further to 60nM to finish (still in a star-pattern)

Reinstall the rear brake caliper and torque to 30nM

Reclip back the ABS wire.



  • Perilli Angel GTs from - $373.91
  • Tire Install - GWCycle - $144.14




Brought both wheels and new set of tires (purchased from to GWCycle and was still still charged $66/wheel to have the new tires installed.

  1. If the tires were purchased from them, the installation could have been $33/wheel if the wheels were brought to them or $66/wheel if the wheels were still on the bike.
  2. If the tires are purchased from elsewhere, the installation will be $66/wheel if the wheels were brought to them or a whopping $132/wheel if the wheels were still on the bike! This is completely INSANE!
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