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Place the motorcycle on its center stand. If you are not equipped with one, put it on stable auxilliary stand.

You will also need to put the front wheel on a stand.

Tools needed:

  • socket wrench
  • T30 Torx bit
  • T45 Torx bit
  • 22mm hex drive
  • micro Torque wrench


To prevent damage to the ABS sensor wiring, take it out from its mounting clips so that when the left brake caliper is out, it is out of the way.

The K1200S has two front disk brakes. There are 2 torx screws that bold the brake caliper to the frame as shown.

With a T45 Torx bit, loosen up the bolts. (Left side is shown)

Right side brake caliper is shown.

Loosen up the right-hand axle clamping torx bolt. Do not completely take it out for now.

WARNING: You DO NOT need to loosen up the left-hand axle clamping bolt.

Proceed to take out the torx bolts that hold the brake calipers (by now, it should be loose enough to just thumb-screw it out).

Slide out the calipers out and hang it using a cord to prevent damage to the brake lines.

NOTE:  Once the calipers have been removed, do not operae the handbrakes! There is a risk that the brake pads being pressed togethere to the extent that they cannot be slipped back over the brake disc on reassembly!

Remove the securing torx screws that hold the mud guard to the frame.

Pull the mud guard forward to remove.

Proceed to put the front wheel on a stand.

I purchased a PitBull front stand specially fit for K1200S.

Using a 22mm Hex drive, loosen up and take out the front axle.

NOTE: You DO NOT have to loosen the LEFT clamping bolt to take out the axle!

Once out, roll out the front wheel.

Reinstall wheel with new tires.

Using a micro Torque wrench, torque the following:

  • 50nM for the front axle
  • 30nM for the Brake Caliper bolts
  • 19nM for the Axle Pinch bolt (bottom of the right duo-lever fork)

Reattach ABS brake wiring to its clips.

Reinstall mud guard.




  • Perilli Angel GTs from - $373.91
  • Tire Install - GWCycle - $144.14



Brought both wheels and new set of tires (purchased from to GWCycle and was still still charged $66/wheel to have the new tires installed.

  1. If the tires were purchased from them, the installation could have been $33/wheel if the wheels were brought to them or $66/wheel if the wheels were still on the bike.
  2. If the tires are purchased from elsewhere, the installation will be $66/wheel if the wheels were brought to them or a whopping $132/wheel if the wheels were still on the bike! This is completely INSANE!
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