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My object here is to directly wire a radar detector so I can get rid of any dangling power cord and also to tidy it up. I also like wiring it from a switched source so that when the ignition is turned off, so do with the radar detector.

I have searched all the wiring harnesses available on the overhead console of a E70 BMW X5 for a switched (ignition) +12V source and could not seem to find one. However, I found one on the auto-dimming mirror wiring harness.

First, pry apart the auto-dimming mirror's wiring housing assembly. The housing assembly has 3 locking tabs that mate with the other half of the housing assembly.

With a flat screwdriver, pry apart the housing assembly. Be careful not to break these locking tabs!

Once the housing assembly is off, locate the wiring harness of the auto-dimming mirror. Carefully disconnect the wiring harness.

As illustrated, the switched +12V source is taken from the GREEN wire with White stripe. Feed the radar detector's wire supply through the auto-dimming mirror's rubber grommet and into the overhead console. I tucked in the wiring in between the overhead console's panel.

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