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Air Filter, Left, P/N: 13717548898 - $US16.89
Air Filter, Right, P/N: 13717548897  -  $US16.89

Tools Needed:  Flat head screwdriver

Undo locking tabs

There are 4 more locking tabs underneath the shroud.

The shroud is secured using these locking pins. Take note of the placement of the locking pins as shown on the diagram.

Proceed to lift the shroud upward to disengage it from the locking pins.

Now that the shroud is out, you will see 4 additional locking tabs.

Undo the locking tabs, You can use a scredriver to pry them loose.

To give more flexibility to lift the housing up while pulling the filters out, proceed to loosen from the assembly.

NOTE: You do not have to completely take the housing cover to get access to the filters.

Replace and Insert the new filters in.

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