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Got this scary warning while I was driving. Pulled over and checked my oil level and it was just fine. When I got home, called the dealership right away but could not get any early available spot at all other than 3 weeks later. I thought it was just absurd! However, the service coordinator said that it should be just fine driving it as long as there is definitely oil.

Researched further this error and it seemed that it was a common error on these vehicles where it points back to a faulty oil pressure sensor. I ordered the part and got it within 3 days, and then just proceeded to have it looked at and replaced at a garage outside of the dealership.

Part ordered through BMW dealership

Price: $30

The sensor is located on the front of the cylinder head for cylinders 1-4 right below the vacuum pump. You will need a 15/16" or equivalent metric deep socket to replace the sensor. The sensor wire has a metal spring clip that you push in to remove.

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