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  • 7 liters, Pennzoil 10W30 Fully-Synthetic
  • new Oil Filter P/N: 11-42-7-510-717 - $23
  • Fluid Evacuator
  • Adjustable wrench - for Oil Filter Cap or 36mm Socket
  • Rags and Paper towels
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In this procedure, instead of draining the oil from the drain plug, I used a fluid evacuator. Less mess!

The Oil Filter assembly is located by the driver side engine bay. I used an adjustable wrench to loosen up the oil filter cap.

Continue to loosen with fingers and take out the oil filter cap from the body. The oil filter should now be exposed and visible.

Pull out the old oil filter.

Insert the evacuator tube through the dipstick and proceed to drain the oil by pumping. You should approximately be draining out approximately 7 liters of oil.

Replace the oil filter cap rubber O-ring with a new one. This usually comes with new oil filter. Since we are draining the oil using a fluid evacuator, we will not need the oil drain plug crush ring.

Notice the new oil filter. The filter has a protruded center ring. Proceed to install the new oil filter with the protruded ring at the top. Insert into the housing until it snaps into place.

Reinstall Oil Filter cap and tighten.

Proceed to fill up with new oil.

For this car, I use fully-synthetic Pennzoil 10W30, approximately 7liters.

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