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Bringing your sportbike to the dealer for just an oil change can be very expensive proposition. Why not do it yourself? You will be amazed on how simple it is! The bottom line is that -- save BIG $$!

For my BMW K1200S, I have/bought the following tools to simplify the task:

  • a fluid Extractor that I bought from a local hardware/automotive store
  • Oil Filter wrench (specific to this bike; because of proximity of other parts to the Oil Filter -- there is not much room there to maneuver)
  • 8mm Hex Bit (specific to this bike; will be used for the oil drain plug)
  • an Oil Collection pan (mine came with a screw-on funnel)
  • a funnel
  • Torque Wrench


I use full-synthetic Castrol Power RS Racing 4T, 10W50 oil

The bike usually needs 4 liters but on mine takes about 4-1/4Liters (approx) if totally drained. They are about $15/Liter at Walmart. For some unknown reason, Walmart is the only place I know so far that carries it. I've searched them all!

Oil Filter: P/N 11-42-7-673-541 (this is the shorter one) - $20 (approx)

and, a new Drain Plug Crush Washer

Put the bike on its centerstand if you have one. Otherwise, have something to make the bike vertical, stable, and safe!

Locate the oil drain plug located underneath between the two exhaust pipes. For a BMW K1200s, this plug takes a 8mm Hex Bit.

Picture shown: oil drain plug between muffler manifolds; picture taken from the bottom up

Take out the seat.

Remove the tube from the top of the oil tank (see illustration) by depressing the outer ring (see red arrows) to unlock the tab (see blue arrow)

You can drain the oil directly from this clear tube but I don't want to mess around with it by uncoiling it down for fear I might end up breaking it -- plus, I find it a little more messy.

Instead, I leave the tube somewhere on top of the tank and use a fluid extractor to siphon the oil out.

Feed the plastic drain tubing from the fluid extractor into the oil tank and start pumping it out. It only takes about 10minutes and it's a lot cleaner. No mess no spills.

Notice, I was doing mine in our basement in close proximity even to the carpet area!

Position the oil collection pan directly underneath the drain plug.

Proceed to remove the oil drain plug with an 8mm Hex Bit. Clean any filings off the drain plug and set aside.

I literally took the time to allow it to drain fully,

Replace the drain plug crush washer with a new one.

Reinstall drain plug and torque to 32nM

Position the oil collection pan underneath the oil filter.

Prepare some rugs. Since the Oil filter is mounted sideways, there will be some oil dripping around.

Proceed to replace the Oil Filter. You obviously don't have to prefill the filter with oil.

With the oil drain plug and the new oil filter now in place, proceed to fill with new oil.

Use a funnel to fill oil.

After I went through the fourth liter on mine, I started the engine and topped it up accordingly until the oil level was between the recommended marks.

In total, I used about 4-1/4 Liters of oil. It's funny because the specs required 4 liters!

Now, you're DONE!

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