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DIY - Boats
Oil Change
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  • Fluid Evacuator or Suction Pump
  • Oil Filter Wrench
  • 5 liters, approximately, Full Synthetic Oil, SAE 10W-40
  • Oil Filter (For my Volvo 4.3GL SX stern drive, P/N: 3850559
  • Rugs
  • Garden Hose and water source
  • Leg ear muff
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Attach and run water, and run engine at idle speed to warm the crankcase oil.

Turn off the engine and turn off water supply.

Lay rugs and plastic around workarea to catch any spills.

Remove oil dipstick and feed the tubing from the Fluid Evacuator into the dipstick tube. Pump the fluid evacuator and drain the oil from the crankcase.

Lay some plastic underneath the oil filter.

Loosen the Oil Filter and keeping in mind not to spill anything underneath. When loose enough to be done by hand, use the same plastic to wrap around the oil filter. This will serve to catch any oil that happens to spill over while taking out the oil canister.

Locate the new Oil Filter and lightly lubricate the gasket with motor oil.

Install and tighten with Oil Filter Wrench.

Refill crankcase with fresh oil. Be careful not to spill any oil and unto the bilge!

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