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DIY - BMW X5 E70
Oil Change
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  • about 7 liters of oil, 10W-30 Castrol full synthetic, or Mobil 1 Full synthetic oil
  • BMW OEM Oil Filter, P/N: 11-42-7-542-021 ($28)
  • 3/8" Torque Wrench
  • 24mm socket
  • 8mm Hex bit
  • 6mm Hex bit
  • Socket Wrench 
  • Paper towels & rags
  • Funnel
  • Creeper
  • 2 jacks if not using a Ramp

Oil filter housing for N62 V8 BMW engines (E60, E61, E63, E64, E66, E70 series) is located under the car, right next to the oil pan positioned vertically. There is a 6mm hex screw at the bottom of the oil filter housing cap. The oil pan needs an 8mm hex bit while the oil filter housing needs a 24mm socket.

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To gain room underneath the SUV, I used a heavy duty steel ramp.

Locate the oil pan drain plug. Using a 8mm Hex bit, release the plug to drain the oil. 

There is a 6mm Hex screw at the bottom of the oil filter housing cap. Unscrew this and let the oil drain out of the housing.

The oil filter housing can be released with a 24mm socket.

Take out the old oil filter and replace with a new one. Also replace the oil filter O-ring with a new one that comes with the kit. There is another small O-ring that comes with the kit. This is for the 6mm screw on the filter housing. Replace this also. Slightly coat the new O-rings with oil and install.

Reinstall Oil Filter housing. Torque to 25Nm using a 24mm socket.

It is recommended to replace the oil drain plug crush washer with the new one that also comes with the kit.

Reinstall oil pan drain plug.

Top up with fresh new oil.

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