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Personal Background
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There is just so many things I want to do.

Among other things, I love playing music and enjoy time playing with family or with friends; love playing with my guitars, synths/keyboards, and drums. I love to experiment with synths and fool around with tracks and sequencing. When I am not playing in a band or jamming with someone, I usually use the sequenced tracks as my jamming partner. My treasured memories are my younger days when I regularly played with a band.

I love the outdoors as well and enjoy taking photography; love to sit around a campfire with family and friends. Another outlet we've discovered lately is boating...Take out our boat to our favorite lake and spend the day with the kids wakeboarding, or spend quality time out in the middle of the lake just waiting for the sun to set, or pas simple as packing a dinner and having it out somewhere in the lake. Refreshing! 

Ah, the long and winding road! If I have a choice, I'd pick driving over flying. It does not matter if it takes me 12 hours or so; I guess that goes with my fascination with cars, or at least the fast(er) ones?  Love to be at the wheel and be able to crank the music up when the scenery is boring... Or flat.

On my spare time, depending on my mood, I will pick up a brush and do my watercolor painting. But sometimes, life gets so busy, I could not afford to spend time at my drawing board... do not want to spoil my work either if I'm not primed for it. That's funny, I still have an unfinished work sitting and waiting for me since... umm, 9 or 10 years ago? Naahh, I'll get to it... whenever! 

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