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Archived Blogs Archived Blogs: 2018 December
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Thu Dec 27 00:00:00 MST 2018 - 27Dec2018 - Day 20 Puerto Morelos MX - Biking Group to Town

Joined a group and biked to town this morning. On our way back we dropped by their brand new Grocery store and picked up some tequillas...

Tue Dec 25 00:00:00 MST 2018 - 25Dec2018 - Day 18 Puerto Morelos MX - Christmas Day

Christmas Day in Puerto Morelos:  It did rain today in the morning, heavily. However, it only lasted for just about 15 minutes and then it all cleared away as it quickly came. In the afternoon, we all walked to the town. The town proper is just about 30 minutes walk from the resort. It is amazing though how the town of Puerto Morelos transformed itself in just about a year! We were here last Dec 16th, 2017.  Now, it is as if the town woke up from a long deep sleep. The town is now so vibrant - and it even boasts a huge modern grocery mart!

Mon Dec 24 00:00:00 MST 2018 - 24Dec2018 - Day 17 Puerto Morelos MX - Christmas Eve

We're back at this all-inclusive resort in Puerto Morelos away from the Cancun crowd.

We even got the very same suite we stayed on many years ago! Now, call that luck!


Sat Dec 22 00:00:00 MST 2018 - 22Dec2018 - Day 15 Riviera Maya MX - Tulum Tour

We spent our last day at Vidanta Resorts on different tours before leaving for Puerto Morelos for another week.

Our first tour will the famous Mayan Ruins of Tulum. This is a walled city of three sides made of limestone. What sets this site apart from other ruins in Mexico is both the fact that it is well preserved and it boasts its own, inviting beach.

The last time we visited Tulum in 2016, it was not this busy but today, the beach specifically was jam packed with visitors.

Sat Dec 22 00:00:00 MST 2018 - 22Dec2018 - Day 15 Riviera Maya MX - Cenotes

There are about 7,000 cenotes discovered so far in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. These secret underground caverns are formed when limestone caves in, leaving a hole in the earth that leads to a pool of often gorgeous turquoise-colored water.

Sat Dec 22 00:00:00 MST 2018 - 22Dec2018 - Day 15 Riviera Maya MX - Coba Mayan Ruins

Forty miles from Tulum lies the ruins of Coba which is considered one of the important settlements in Mesoamerican history. This is the only ruins that is surrounded by several lakes. There are as many as fifty sacbes (ancient roads) that led into this huge Mayan city center, one of them over 62 miles long -- the longest in the Mayan world.

One of the famous ruins is the Nohoc Mul pyramid, considered to be the tallest in the Yucatan at over 126 feet with exactly 120 steps. The pyramid may look like easy to climb but as you approach midway, it is already scary for some of us "afraid of heights". You might think climbing to the top is easy? Wait til you come back down!

Nohoch Mol pyramid is not for the faint of heart. The steps are steep and uneven. They can be slippery, even when grabbing onto the fixed safety rope that extends from the bottom to the top. Going back down is very tricky, and many visitors resort to going down the steps, on their bottoms, literally -- sitting on the steps, one down at a time!

Fri Dec 21 00:00:00 MST 2018 - 21Dec2018 - Day 14 Riviera Maya MX - Early Risers

up early to purposely watch the sunrise at the beach... but then again, so they say “the early bird gets the worm”!

Wed Dec 19 20:56:56 MST 2018 - 19Dec2019 - Day 12 Riviera Maya MX - Thundershowers

Was bird watching earlier in the morning when a thunderstorm rolled in. It's been almost 40 years now since I've been under a warm, warm rain! It's no different than Philippines out here in the Caribbean...

We will hit the beach later today but instead spent a good part of the morning at the Brio Spa hitting the sauna, the steam room, and the hot tubs. As usual the place was almost empty -- and again, not that I am complaining. I love spending them solo...

Mon Dec 17 22:14:53 MST 2018 - 17Dec2018 - Day 10 Riviera Maya MX - This Routine

We could get used to this routine: eat, sleep, exercise, play, relax -- not necessarily in that order but then again -- Rinse and Repeat!


Mon Dec 17 18:32:58 MST 2018 - 17Dec2018 - Day 10 Riviera Maya MX - This Routine

We could get used to this routine: eat, sleep, exercise, play, relax -- not necessarily in that order but then again -- Rinse and Repeat!



Sun Dec 16 22:21:00 MST 2018 - 16Dec2018 - Day 9 Riviera Maya MX - New Order of the Day

For a change, we have a new order for the day: her zumba class at the pool side (can't miss that), and if that is not yet enough, she will be heading to the tennis courts, and then for another reservation at Brio for a spa treat, catch the sunset, and then off for a night out...

[With the state of my neck injury, I can't play that hard anymore - but good for her!]


Sat Dec 15 18:38:02 MST 2018 - 15Dec2018 - Day 8 Riviera Maya MX - At the Beach Club

After Nora's morning zumba routine, we're back at the Beach Club again for some privacy and soak-in-the-sun day...

Fri Dec 14 17:05:45 MST 2018 - 14Dec2018 - Day 7 Riviera Maya MX

After Nora's zumba at the poolside, we spent the entire day pretty much at the private cabanas - sleeping. Can't believe we spent the entire afternoon sleeping! That can't be good you think!

However, refreshing!

Thu Dec 13 00:00:00 MST 2018 - 13Dec2018 - Day 6 Riviera Maya MX - At the Beach Club

Went back to the members-only exclusive Beach Club today... This is a novelty for us as this is officially our very first time visit to this area since it opened over a year ago. This is the place where you can spend the entire day soaking up both sun and water! It is so private and relaxing... with music all over, private cabanas, water surround you, and where food and drinks abound! On a sunny day like this? Perfect!

Another new exclusive area we discovered today? The Salum  members-only area: more private cabanas, markets, and fancy restaurants...

Wed Dec 12 00:00:00 MST 2018 - 12Dec2018 - Day 5 Riviera Maya MX - Beach Hangout

The morning started out  a little too cold for us -- +17C, with scattered clouds. However by mid-day, all that burned out fairly quickly...

With this huge resort, you can go crazy with the daily activities you can choose from. Today, Nora opted for an early zumba class by the pool side and then off we went to a Members-only exclusive Beach Club that opened over a year ago. This will be our first-time visit to this nicely laid-out area away from the big crowds.


Tue Dec 11 00:00:00 MST 2018 - 11Dec2018 - Day 4 Riviera Maya MX - Indoors Most of the Day

Today, we did not do much but stayed indoors most of the day. We took the time to appreciate the nice accomodation we've been blessed with while away from home. A time well spent. This resort never fail to make us feel so home! Not to mention...the service which is second to none! Thank you, Lord!

This is our accomodation while we're here in Riviera Maya. This huge space features a kitchen, a living room, private terrace with plunge pool, one bedroom with a king-size bed, and bathroom with Jacuzzi tub.


At Vidanta Resorts & Spa, you can explore over 1000 acres of paradise, dotted with pristine pools and bordered by magnificent beach. You will also enjoy more than 15 world-class bars and restaurants, high-end amenities, a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course, tennis courts, lavish spa & gym services, excellent service, and fantastic entertainment which includes the resident Cirque du Soleil show - JOYA.

There is nothing quite like it!

Quienes se hospedan en los hoteles de Vidanta, comienzan y terminan sus dias en amplias y comodas habitaciones que ofrecon todo lo necesario para unas vacaciones increibles.

Also visit:


Mon Dec 10 00:00:00 MST 2018 - 10Dec2018 - Day 3 Riviera Maya MX - Our Anniversary

"One word frees us of all the weigth and pain of life -- love."

This day reminds me that God really loves me, for He gave me the most wonderful person. I have never known anyone more beautiful and kind, more trusting and forgiving, more daring yet with restraint, persistent yet patient, more caring than you. I love that we continue to bring out the best in each other for the best thing to hold onto in life is each other. May we continue to seize the day together.

Happy Anniversary!

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