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Mon Nov 26 00:00:00 MST 2018 - 26Nov2018 - Completing My Moving-Over to the P Camp

After having owned and driven many of BMW's lineup--from 3series, 5series, 8series, to 2 generations of X5s, we now have fully moved over to the "P" camp. We were going for a 3rd BMW X5 but with the experiences we had with all our BMWs, we decided not to. Instead, we now have paired our iconic Porsche 911 Turbo with its fairly capable-of-everything big-sibling -- a Cayenne Turbo with a matching character that possess split-personality. Porsche engineers seem to have figured out how to make this SUV act as one of their sports cars! This even has the acclaimed 21-channel 1,455Watt Burmester Audio System that replaced its already capable Bose sytem. You've gotta hear it!

I am not the gullible type that drools to the beat of car maker's themes or catch-phrases or biased marketing hypes but I do take seriously feedbacks and reviews from the user base themselves, after all, they're the ones that have used it. Likewise those from 3rd party writeups and reviews. Often they're the ones that make the truth. So when I say "once you've driven one, you've driven (the) one!". It is what it is - from comfort, to detail, to workmanship (haha, no cheap plastics here, or the made-to-look-like materials that after awhile may look like it was made from "you-know-where"), the technology, to performance, it acts what it says, no more, no less.

Click on the photo to read some unbiased write ups from different sources...

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