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Sun May 6 00:00:00 MDT 2018 - 06May2018 - Weekend GetAway Day 2 - Lake Louise

To be able to take a photograph of a snow-capped mountain as the sun is rising  has been on my list for quite some time now.  This recent weekend stay at Lake Louise afforded us just that.

We purposefully forced ourselves to be up as early as 5AM on this weekend to catch the golden hour -- lugged our camera gears, dragged our yet sleepy bodies out in the cold, and watch the snow-capped mountains off Victoria Glacier get draped with colors as the sun rose from behind us. It was literally like watching Mother Nature unfold its theatre curtains right before our eyes. What a glorious sight to see!

Our accomodation at Fairmont Chateau was a great pre-Mother's Day treat - compliments of Alyssa. It also gave us the added convenience of proximity -- the lake, the glacier, the mountains was just footsteps away from the comfort of our suite. Thank you Alyssa!


SIDE NOTE: Photographers often rhapsodise about two specific times of the day where the sun produces more directional light, producing depth, longer shadows and texture to images. The diffused light produced is the sweet spot as it increases dynamic ranges while retaining highlights. These particular times commonly referred to as the golden hour is the hour before sunrise and the hour before sunset. However, it is very tricky as lighting conditions are constantly changing, and you have just a limited window to capture your shots.  

Sat May 5 00:00:00 MDT 2018 - 05May2018 - Weekend Getaway Day 1 - Lake Louise

These past 5 months or so has been one of the busiest months at work, compliments to a huge Project involvement. However this weekend offered me a breathier away from the worries of work, at least temporarily. A good wind down is just fitting!

Our accomodation at Fairmont Chateau at Lake Louise was a great pre-Mother's Day treat - compliments of Alyssa. This iconic hotel, widely known for its glistening emerald lake fed from Victoria Glacier right off the hotel's frontyard is excellent for a luxurious spa treat, dining and endless outdoor activities right in the middle of a national park.

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