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Archived Blogs Archived Blogs: 2018 January
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Fri Jan 5 18:26:00 MST 2018 - 05Jan2018 - Vidanta Riviera Maya Travelling Tonight to Houston

We will be travelling to Houston tonight; so we are bidding our farewell to this wonderful place and start our journey back home. We always have a wonderful time everytime we visit Riviera Maya. Playa del Carmen was no exception! Puerto Morelos was no exception either!

Our month-long stay at Riviera Maya sure made a good impression on the slow-paced life and with that, good memories of the people and the place. We had three highlights on this stay: we got to spend our Wedding Anniversary, Christmas, and New Year on this Caribbean paradise!

Fri Jan 5 11:19:00 MST 2018 - 05Jan2018 - Vidanta Riviera Maya Another Take on Wildlife

This is our last day on the resort, and we were just on our way back from breakfast at Cafe del Lago when we were greeted by lots of Kiskadees. Of course I did not have my telephoto lens mounted!

By the time I had my lens swapped, they were all gone. Total silence. We decided to hangout and wait for few minutes hoping they come back. 5 minutes past. 10 minutes. By about 20 minutes, bird activity came back again! Chachalakas, mangrove verios, a mocking bird, kiskadees, jays, and a very deep-red bird that I did not recognize (to my dismay, was not able to take a good shot at that). However, we were complimented by a Mangrove Verio that was actually feeding on an insect - and, she was just right in my line of sight. Got her frame by frame!

That was an awesome treat to our last day at the resort.

featureTextWe love nature but we really never had bothered to take the time to slow down, stop and observe. All we did before was see and go. This recent opportunity to force ourselves to "slow down, stop and observe" really widened our view of life. Nature in life. Life in nature. We can then bask in the light of nature's beauty, its perfection! Enables us to ponder, reflect and appreciate life more than ever before!


Wed Jan 3 22:47:38 MST 2018 - 03Jan2018 - Vidanta Riviera Maya Playa del Carmen MX

A little overcast today as we headed out to the pools. We thought of retreating to the secluded Grand Mayan cabanas, where it is usually quiet and private, but had to head back to the pools after bothered by few mosquitos, compliments to a recent rain.

By 6PM, we thought of watching the sun set. Knowing that it was cloudy few hours earlier (a possible recipe for an intense sunset), but to our surprise it all cleared out quickly. Nevertheless, we had a good time at the docks, only heading back until late in the evening.


Tue Jan 2 11:09:12 MST 2018 - 02Jan2018 - Vidanta Riviera Maya - Day Calls For Celebration

2nd Page of our 365-Page Book for 2018: Livin' like it's heaven on earth -- on this Vidanta paradise! This day calls for another celebration! At the beach!

Mon Jan 1 00:00:00 MST 2018 - 01Jan2018 - Vidanta Riviera Maya New Year 2018

New Year's Countdown at the beach...

2018 New Year Celebration - Vidanta Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, MX

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