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Archived Blogs Archived Blogs: 2017 December
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Sun Dec 31 19:00:00 MST 2017 - 31Dec2017 - Vidanta Riviera Maya New Year's Countdown Dinner

We've booked this dinner 2 weeks earlier knowing how busy the different resort restaurants can be on days like this.

Gong Restaurant is a pan-Asian fusion inspired restaurant in a very charming surrounding overlooking the beach and the pools. They have one of the best Peking Duck Pato Pekin Entero, prepared and served right on your table by the Chef.

Sat Dec 30 22:00:00 MST 2017 - 30Dec2017 - Vidanta Riviera Maya Another Pleasant Evening for a Walk

Such a pleasant evening to go for a walk... just closeby though -- the resort is huge that we can't possibly cover the entire area tonight...

Fri Dec 29 17:18:24 MST 2017 - 29Dec2017 - Vidanta Riviera Maya Another Stab at BirdWatching

Took few hours again today to take another stab at wildlife watching. It did not disappoint us as we were able to snap additional photos of birds in actual feeding, and a butterfly that actually landed right before our steps. What a rewarding day!

Thu Dec 28 07:18:00 MST 2017 - 28Dec2017 - Vidanta Riviera Maya Exploring The Jungle Within

We've been to this particular resort in Playa del Carmen many times already but never had we explored nature within the resort. This resort is so huge in comparison to others, with over 1000 acres of paradise where each complex is intricately carved within the jungle. Along with it, it is dotted with gigantic pristine pools while also bordered by magnificient beaches with 15 world-class bars and restaurants, a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course, great entertainment including its new Cirque du Soleil (Joya) complex, lavish spas, gyms, miles of walkways and bridges, trolley transportation system, even a boutique shop, and of course excellente servicio.

So today, we devoted an entire day to explore the jungle within with the initial help of a resort guide, Leonardo. We didn't expect there was so much this jungle had to offer-- flora and fauna,  particularly the birds. We were not disappointed!

Thu Dec 28 00:00:00 MST 2017 - 28Dec2017 - Vidanta Riviera Night Out To Cirque du Soleil Complex

Noches llenas de entretenimiento! You can always guarantee, evening entertainment is always spectacular here. After the Cirque du Soleil show, you can wind down over coffee or drinks at the Nektar bar for a live band entertainment -- and easily spend the night away!


Wed Dec 27 09:00:00 MST 2017 - 27Dec2017 - Vidanta Riviera Maya - Our Frequent Visitor

We befriended a frequent visitor to our suite, a male Great-tailed Grackle or commonly called by the locals as zanate. He likes perching on our porch, then makes all these impressive array of callnotes ranging from a sweet tinkling, to rattling notes or to a shrieking, high-pitched whistle so loud it can be heard from a distance. He'd wait there and watch you intently until you give him some food...

Some predisposed to hate the Grackle write them off as merely black, and sometimes even call them annoying and loud blackbirds or crows with their arched shoulders and purposeful stalking (male grackles) that resemble no other than an infamous vampire, but upon closer look I think they are beautiful birds on their own right -- smart, mysterious and sociable.

Local folklore had it that their vocals represent the Seven Passions of life: Love, Hate, Fear, Courage, Joy, Sadness, and Anger.

Mon Dec 25 09:00:00 MST 2017 - 25Dec2017 - Vidanta Riviera Maya Playa del Carmen Early Morning Runs

Christmas morning: perfect day to go for our early morning runs and walks...

We are taking a break from the beach (it's way too hot today). Instead, we head for these pathways and trails around the resort where it is usually quiet.

Sun Dec 24 14:00:00 MST 2017 - 24Dec2017 - Christmas Eve Riviera Maya Playa del Carmen MX

Christmas Eve: the beach, the pools and everywhere you go, the place was crowded - as if we had an overnight influx of people...

We woke up late and had a late breakfast. By the time we've headed to the playa, we had a hard time finding an empty spot. Christmas is on the air indeed as we could not even make any dinner reservations at any of the restaurants...

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sat Dec 23 23:43:11 MST 2017 - 23Dec2017 - Vidanta Riviera Maya Relaxing Evening

It is such a relaxing treat to be able to hang around outside late in the evening with no work to worry about. Did I mention warm?

Sat Dec 23 13:00:00 MST 2017 - 23Dec2017 - Playa del Carmen Riviera Maya MX

We're back at Playa del Carmen MX for the rest of our holiday. Today we visited the town of Playa del Carmen again and wonder over how much has changed since we visited it last January 2016. So much change...

Fri Dec 22 23:00:00 MST 2017 - 22Dec2017 - Marina El Cid Spa Resorts Puerto Morelos MX

Had an early reservation for dinner enough to catch this spectacular El Fuego (Fire) / L.E.D. Show.

By 11PM, we were already heading back to Playa del Carmen;  we will be spending Christmas & New Year here at Vidanta...

folderWithKey Note to ourselves: It is strange that taxis almost charge twice when it is a non-conventional route, like from a resort to another resort vs. than if we were to come from the airport to this resort, which is twice the distance! But whatever...

Thu Dec 21 15:07:00 MST 2017 - 21Dec2017 - Marina El Cid Spa Resorts - Puerto Morelos MX

Another gorgeous day in sunny paradise! perfect for just lounging around a poolside...

Our evening: had another wonderful dinner at the Alcazar (Mediterranean cuisine). For starters, the Tuna Cubes were perfect; and for the main course, Caribbean Prawns (huge ones!) -- another favorite of ours!

Con una atmosfera inmaculada, deleitese con nuestra cocina gourmet fusion que abrira todos sus sentidos. Deguste nuestra extensa cava de vinos de varias regions del mundo. -- Alcazar Gourmet Restaurante


Wed Dec 20 19:30:00 MST 2017 - 20Dec2017 - Marina El Cid Spa Resorts - Another Night Out

Another night out...

For supper, we thought of trying out the latest addition to El Cid's Restaurants -- Eli serving French cuisine. For entertainment for the rest of the evening, we hang out at the new El Cid lobby listening to a local Harp player, and not just a Harp player -- but a very, very good one!

Wed Dec 20 17:14:00 MST 2017 - 20Dec2017 - Marina El Cid Spa Resorts - Puerto Morelos MX

Explored the new area of El Cid today -- and we have both agreed this is now our new favorite place to hang out! There seems to be less crowd here and best of all, you get to be pampered here!

Tue Dec 19 19:00:00 MST 2017 - 19Dec2017 - Marina El Cid Spa Resorts Puerto Morelos MX

Another beautiful day here in sunny Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo Mexico...

Three words compose this day: eat, lounge, and play!

Sat Dec 16 11:00:00 MST 2017 - 16Dec2017 - Marina El Cid Spa Resorts Puerto Morelos MX

Change of Scenery: This week, we will be spending a quiet time in this little town of Puerto Morelos, in the northern part of the Riviera Maya just 20 minutes south of the Cancun International Airport. Puerto Morelos is one of the oldest communities on Mexico's Caribbean coast. 

We love this town for its slower pace of life than its larger, busier neighbors. It's the perfect spot for relaxation -- a place to get away from it all and experience the simple Caribbean life, while still being centrally located to the surrounding attractions of the Riviera Maya.

Tue Dec 12 13:28:09 MST 2017 - 12Dec2017 - Playa del Carmen

These nasty colds have confined us both to our suite since our arrival here in Playa del Carmen 4 days ago.

Today by early afternoon, we have mustered enough strength to head out and sit by the beach. There is something renewing about this lazy beach scene that reenergized us!


Sun Dec 10 00:00:00 MST 2017 - 10Dec2017 - Anniversary at Playa del Carmen

Been sick halfway through our flight and now Nora is sick too... but through thick and thin, nothing can dampen our spirits because how often can someone say: they've been both sick on their anniversary? On a foreign land, away from home?

I am happy beyond words and feel so blessed to have someone to spend life with -- because there is so much in life to discover and conquer together. The best is yet to be!

Fri Dec 8 04:45:00 MST 2017 - 08Dec2017 - Enroute to Playa Del Carmen

This starts our month-long trip to sunny Riviera Maya, Mexico...

We've done this trip many times before but I was just curious what Google has to say about holiday prep. Among the many items that usually made into this list, I skimmed only through what really mattered to me at the moment considering I just recovered from a nasty cold:

1) pack the right clothes: uhmm, I think I got that covered; destination is warm no need for a light jacket
2) take a first aid kit: I think don't need that either; what is the chance of getting sick again?

So, we were just enjoying lounging, killing some time so to say, when we heard our names paged through the intercoms announcing that our plane has fully boarded! What! How! Are we starting our trip with the wrong foot?

Ok, we made it! Barely, but we made it!

Halfway through our trip, all that mental prep proved me wrong! Got sick again!

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