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Sun Aug 27 18:04:15 MDT 2017 - 27Aug2017 - Minnewanka Trails Hike

Lake Minnewanka, a 28-Km long lake, is the largest lake in Banff National Park.

The scenic trail winds along the shoreline of this beautiful mountain-fringed lake. This is a great spot to hit as it has many hiking trails around the lake to offer - ranging from short strolls to day-long walks. It can be as short or as long as you want.

One of our favorites...


Sat Aug 12 22:41:06 MDT 2017 - 12Aug2017 - Johnston Canyon Day Hike

The trail to Johnston Canyon Falls has to be the busiest in the Canadian Rockies. Nearly every day throughout the summer, hundreds of hikers follow its canyon-clinging catwalks and cliff-mounting staircases to the gorge's Lower and Upper Falls. While the canyon is certainly worthy of a visit, you will have to do the hike in the evening or very early in the morning to avoid the crowd.

Lower Falls is about 1.1Km and Upper Falls is 2.7Km from the Lodge. The farther you go on the trail the more the crowds will thin out. One will quickly notice that the majority of people will not venture past the Lower Falls.


We left home early to beat the crowd at Johnston Canyon (or at least hoping that way!). However when we were approaching the Canyon, signs were already posted that parking lots were all already full. So we thought of just continuing our drive all the way to the Lodge and was surprised to find out that they were now offering paid parking at their lots. No wonder the lots were almost empty! This gotta be our lucky day! I'd rather pay the fee and be at the comfort of proximity - and we also found out it is fully refunded if we ever decide to dine in in their restaurant! And why not!


Sun Aug 6 20:36:27 MDT 2017 - 06Aug2017 - Bakers Creek Long Weekend

This long weekend was unusually busy! For starters, Highway #1 was already clogged starting from Calgary. We actually had to turn around and take our favorite scenic route instead -- the back country. It seems, anywhere you go in Banff National Park, parks, campgrounds, parking lots, turn arounds, view points were just overflowing with crowd as if everyone in Alberta all flocked westward for the weekend!

Again, the only peace one could find is the back country. There is nothing better in this kind of weather than finding your solitude away from the crowd! And yes, we found our little paradise somewhere...

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