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Fri Jun 26 00:00:00 MDT 2015 - 26June - Canada Day Long Weekend GetAway

This is a long weekend we will never forget. Our travel plans included 2 nights in Salmon Arm and then another in Kelowna.

On the second day, we were heading out to Margaret Falls just outside Salmon Arm. We missed the turn to Margaret Falls and decided to keep on driving until we find a safer and wider place to make a turn-around. We did. Found this very huge paved residence driveway. So we did pullover to this driveway and started to make our u-turn. The road was a little busy with blind spots from both ways. Unfortunately while we were doing just that, while doing our usual traffic checks from both directions, we totally dropped the bike on a stop. Knowing that this driveway was paved, we concentrated on our traffic checks but failed to notice there was a dip on the ground, right on the very spot where I tried to plant my left foot. And the evitable thing happened. Nora landed on the ground instinctly bracing her body with her left arm with the fall. She was in pain from thereon.

After few minutes of waiting, a resident who happen to pass by from his daily rounds on his property, was able to help us lift the motorbike back up. Ken was so hospitable that he even offered us to rest at his backyard patio while he offered us cold drinks (it was 39C that day) and an ice pack for Nora's now-swollen wrist. Bless your heart, Ken! The backyard patio overlooking the lake was a thing we will always remember!


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