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Archived Blogs Archived Blogs: 2014 September
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Mon Sep 22 19:00:00 MDT 2014 - 22Sep2014 - Boat Winterizing Maintenance Done

Date:   Sep 22, 2014

Hours Mileage:  65.6Hrs


This will mark the end of 2014 boating season as winterizing maintenance is done to the boat for storage.

  - winterize engine with antifreeze
  - apply approximately 100ml Stabil fuel stabilizer to gas tank
  - apply anti-fogging oil to carburator throat
  - clean and apply marine protectant to all leather & vinyl
  - power wash all ice boxes
  - soap exterior body and powerwash clean
  - run bilge and dry out all remaining water underbody
  - apply water repellant to outer boat cover
  - take out prop and store away; cover leg with plastic and bag over it

Also,  5-pin Trailer Wiring Harness was replaced as old one was losing connection to marker lights.


Sun Sep 21 00:00:00 MDT 2014 - Bike Trek to Yoho National Park

Another beautiful day to ride Yoho National Park, British Columbia. Lunch at Emerald Lake Lodge and then head to Takakkaw Falls...

Locations: Emerald Lake & Takakkaw Falls - Yoho National Park, BC

Sat Sep 20 00:00:00 MDT 2014 - Wrapping Up Last Boating for Summer 2014

Sunny with clear skies. A high of 22C. Destination, Ghost Lake. This will be our last boating for the summer of 2014 -- and what a better way to end the official last weekend of summer of 2014 -- on a sunny, warm day on a lake!


Mon Sep 8 04:25:00 MDT 2014 - Think This Is Way Too Early For Snowfall

Just few days prior, we were basking in the 20s and enjoying our second boating for this season. Today, it is a whole different story. Snow, snow, snow and more to come in the next few days or so. This is not even October yet!

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