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Archived Blogs Archived Blogs: 2014 July
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Mon Jul 28 17:00:00 MDT 2014 - We Got Rear-Ended While On A Stop

Location: Memorial Drive, heading West just past Crowchild
Time:  around 5PM

We were on the middle lane stopped at the tailend of a traffic when we were hit from behind.

Sat Jul 26 00:00:00 MDT 2014 - Our Little Girl Is Growing

Time goes by so fast. This little princess is growing fast. The darn things she say, the things she do makes you wonder and realize how beautiful life is! Love this bundle-of-joy so much!

Sat Jul 19 00:00:00 MDT 2014 - Backyard Pond Gets A Makeover

Our backyard pond gets a makeover:

  • Falls: replace pump for a bigger volume
  • Stone works: tile all top caps
  • Lighting: install programmable LED lighting for falls; install valance to hide LED lighting

Sun Jul 13 00:00:00 MDT 2014 - 13July - Kananaskis/Longview Ride

A nice, sunny day ride through Kananaskis mountains upto Black Diamond through the green valley of Longview... all 240 kilometers of amazing scenery! Had to slow down several times because of wildlife on the highway -- and that's completely ok!


Fri Jul 11 16:36:05 MDT 2014 - Friday Bike Ride - Downtown Calgary

Packed up the bikes the night before... We will be bringing all the bikes to work and then proceed for an afternoon biking right after work.

Halfway through our usual bike route, we stopped by at this little cozy bistro for dinner and then continued back to downtown. After last summer's flooding, some of the bike routes have been upgraded and of course the downtown core also now wears a new look with nice pathways and new condos along the riverfront. What a change for just a year!


media-Windows  Available Video Clip here


Sat Jul 5 00:48:02 MDT 2014 - Wiring a Radar Detector from a Switched 12V Source - E70 BMW X5

My object here is to directly wire a radar detector so I can get rid of any dangling power cord and also tidy it up. I also like wiring it from a switched source so that when the ignition is turned off, so do with the radar detector.

I have searched all the wiring harnesses available on the overhead console of a E70 BMW X5 for a switched (ignition) +12V source and could not seem to find one. However, I found one on the auto-dimming mirror wiring harness.

First, pry apart the auto-dimming mirror's wiring housing assembly. The housing assembly has 3 locking tabs that mate with the other half of the housing assembly.

With a flat screwdriver, pry apart the housing assembly. Be careful not to break these locking tabs!


Wed Jul 2 00:00:00 MDT 2014 - Canada Day Long WeekEnd - Ride the Week Out - Day 3

The better part of the morning was spent in Meadows In The Sky Parkway. Meadows In The Sky takes you to Mount Revelstoke literally, climbing up to 26Km uphill through forest of cedars, spruce, hemlock and fir, and of subalpine wildflower meadows. The park was only open up to 20Km uphill because of snow up the mountain. The first viewpoint stop (I believe 5Km up), gave us a very nice view of the town of Revelstoke.

We then proceeded to find Begbie Falls. We had this on our scope the day before but could not find the entry off Highway #23. Just few minutes from Revelstoke, we took Mount Begbie Rd which led us to unpaved road which later on became a little dangerous for the motorbike as we took on loose gravel, big potholes, and big rocks through a very narrow road at times.

After Begbie Falls, we continued on Highway #23 towards the Ferry Terminal about 49Km away. Apparently the ferry was brand new and was launched just few days prior. The ferry ride was about 20minutes across the Upper Arrow Lake to Galena Bay on the opposite side. We continued towards Halcyon Hot Springs. While we were there, we decided to have dinner at the Kingfisher Restaurant before heading back to Revelstoke for the day. We were not disappointed with the food. Great food! Great chief!

Locations:   Meadows In The Sky Parkway, Mt. Revelstoke (literally climbed about 26Km uphill)
                    Begbie Falls, Mt. Begbie
                    Blanket Creek
                    Shelter Bay
                    Shelter Bay Ferry Terminal
                    Ferry to Galena Bay aboard the brand new MV Augusta
                    Halcyon Hot Springs
                    Town of Revelstoke (as our basecamp)



Tue Jul 1 21:00:00 MDT 2014 - Canda Day Long WeekEnd - Ride The Week Out - Golden to Shelter Bay - Day 2

Canada Day Long WeekEnd - Ride the Week Out 

Alberta and bordering British Columbia with its vast natural landscape, offers a wide range of scenic drives.

Another day of exploration...

  • town of Golden to Revelstoke via Highway #1, 150Km stretch
  • Hemlock Grove
  • Shelter Bay, BC
  • drive Highway #23 from Revelstoke to Galena Bay Ferry terminal, a 49Km scenic stretch



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