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Archived Blogs Archived Blogs: 2014 May
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Wed May 21 17:00:00 MDT 2014 - E70 Engine Air Filter Replacements

Replaced engine air filters at 102860 Kms.

Replacing the filters is quite easy. Access to the locking tabs that are visible is also quite obvious. However, there happens to be additional 4 locking tabs underneath the shroud. The trick here is how to gain access to them!

For details about this DIY, click here.


Wed May 21 16:00:00 MDT 2014 - Cabin Micro Filters Replaced on X5 (E70)

Mileage 102860Kms
Cabin Filters, set of 2, Charcoal Activated  set of 2, P/N: 64316945586  -
Price per item $US25.89,  NOTE: price quote from dealership is $120 each

Got tired of how much dealerships would charge us on this. Went ahead and ordered it from US instead and installed it myself!

For details about the DIY, please see here.



Tue May 20 18:28:19 MDT 2014 - Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park Visit

This is our last major stop coming back from Glacier National Park, Montana.

Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park is located about 100 kilometres southeast of Lethbridge, Alberta. A protected place and National Historic Site, it contains the largest concentration of rock art on the Great Plains. Petroglyphs and pictographs were carved and painted on sandstone rock walls by the Blackfoot and Shoshone tribes. Towering cliffs and wind-blasted rock formations known as Hoodoos were thought to be the homes of powerful spirits, and thus there was an understanding among tribes that no battles could be waged here - this was a place for recording stories on stone and a spiritual sanctuary for all who passed through.
Tucked away in the southeast corner of the province in the valley of the Milk River, the land is scored with deep ravines known as coulees which provided shelter for human and animal alike.

Location: Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park, Lethbridge, Alberta CANADA

Mon May 19 20:19:00 MDT 2014 - 19May - Glacier National Park - Montana

Glacier National Park

Our trip started  from Highway #2 (Canada side)  to Highway #89 across the U.S. border but instead of taking a route via Browning, we thought of taking a shortcut via Highway #49 along twisties and narrow roads up the mountains occasionally above cliffs and snowdrifts. This shortcut brought us to the Eastern Glacier Entrance. Certainly this route did not disappoint us. The scenery was just beyond intense. Something different.

Glacier National Park is the center of one of the largest and most intact ecosystems in North America. We wanted to take the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road but unfortunately was still closed because of snow. This could have been a worthwhile drive up the mountains over the Continental Divide at 7000 feet above sea level. We will definitely come back here again for that visit.

On this trip we visited Flathead Lake, considered to be the largest natural freshwater lake in the contiguous United States. It took us over 2 hours to go around the lake. We also made Kalispell our base camp which pretty much was so convenient for dining and accomodations. We also visited the next door city of Columbia Falls (why did they call this city after a falls anyways when there is really NO falls at all?). However, there is Hungry Horse reservoir close by -- and that was worth a trip too.

We also took the time to drive over an hour to the Western Glacier Entrance and drove up to Lake MacDonald towards Going-to-the-Sun Road until we hit the road closure. Even though we were not able to go all the way up the mountains, that by itself was worth it!

Location(s):  Glacier National Park, Montana USA
                         Flathead Lake, Montana
                         Hungry Horse Reservoir, Montana


Fri May 16 21:21:14 MDT 2014 - Summer Tires On - Ready For The Road Again

Winter tires finally off today! And, these massive summer tires are out from storage... ready to meet the road again!


Mon May 5 07:16:00 MDT 2014 - E70 Engine Oil Pressure Too Low Warning

Got this scary warning while I was driving. Pulled over and checked my oil level and it was just fine. When I got home, called the dealership right away but could not get any early available spot at all other than 3 weeks later. I thought it was just absurd! However, the service coordinator said that it should be just fine driving it as long as there is definitely oil.

Researched further this error and it seemed that it was fairly common error on these vehicles where it points back to a faulty oil pressure sensor. I ordered the part and got it within 3 days, and then just proceeded to have it looked at and replaced at a garage outside the dealership.

Refer to more details here.

Sat May 3 00:00:00 MDT 2014 - 03May - The White Stuff Is Back

Our backyard has just started turning green but this morning, it was totally a different scene. The white stuff is back!

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