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Archived Blogs Archived Blogs: 2014 April
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Sun Apr 27 15:43:03 MDT 2014 - We All Flip Out for Ice Cream

What is with Ice Cream anyways that we all flip out for it? With this precious little one especially, I can see why we all do! And that's just one of the joys of being a lolo and a lola...

Mon Apr 7 00:00:00 MDT 2014 - And to Summ It Up - Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

... the resort, our accomodations away from home, the beach, the breathtaking sunsets, the nightly entertainment, the service, the staff --- one word, great time, excellent, awesome, great people, good food, lovely weather! Okay, that was more than one word, but... catch my drift?

As usual, our Grand Mayan experience hasn't let us down. It's always a treat coming to this 5-star resort as they will spoil you. Amenities, dining, the service, the staff -- they were all excellent! You will be immersed in the world of the Mayans at the grand entrance to the resort - with the larger-than-life Mayan figures that greet you. The resort must have easily doubled its size since we visited 3 years ago. It will easily take you about 15 minutes to walk through the vast winding pools end to end. There is a Mayan pyramid that doubles as a water slide, a lazy river that winds through the resort, and there is also a wave pool at one end.

We are not the type that enjoy crowded places (and not that this place was already overflowing with crowd).  So If we wanted privacy and quiet, there were lots of areas secluded from the noise and the crowd - and  we can just chill out the afternoon with our favorite drink or our favorite book. If we were bored with that, we just proceed to the playa and soak ourselves in the sun.

Location: The Grand Mayan Resort and Spa - Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, Mexico
April 2014


Thu Apr 3 17:17:09 MDT 2014 - Adventures Outside the Resort - Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico - April 2014

We took the time to book 2 Tours: Rhythms of the Night and the City Tour.

1. The Rhythms of the Night tour was unforgettable. Our tour started with a boat ride from Nuevo Vallarta just five minutes from the Grand Mayan Resort. The boat ride was great as it actually started the party scene with food, drinks, and entertainment while taking in the views along the way, including a stop as the captain allowed us to gaze at a sinking sun across the horizon. This one-hour cruise across Banderas Bay brought us to a secluded cove of Las Caletas. Past halfway through the trip, the sun had already gone down and darkness has spread across the bay -- only to see flickering torches of Las Caletas from a distant.

Once on shore, the torches of Las Caletas reminded me of the Survivor show. We were greeted by the sounds and sights that in a way ignited our senses. The sound of pulsating drums summoned us along a torch-lit path to a pyramid set in the jungle.  Somewhere in this jungle, an amphitheater came alive with the re-enactment of ancient Mexican rituals and customs in a breathtaking theatrical performance. The show sure transported us easily on a magical and mystical journey through time!

The show was followed with a seaside feast with a beautiful view of the cove and food fit for the gods -- and did I tell you it was a feast? A romantic candle-light dinner neath the stars!

The cruise back ended a perfect evening with a nightcap and dancing beneath the stars. And sure did, our boat crew knew how to tease us! Halfway through, the captain stopped the boat, called everybody out to the deck to gaze on the star-lit skies while the speakers blared with slow music. The next thing you knew, we were all dancing under the starry skies! And, man, that was a lot of "selfies"!

Tour Duration: 5 Hours
Price per person: $US119 (but we managed to get it at $25each as timeshare owners!) 

2. Puerto Vallarta City Tour.  We took this tour thinking that it will be different from the tour we took about 3 years ago. As it turned out, the destinations were the same -- but we still had fun! We started out from downtown Puerto Vallarta unto the famous malecon (boardwalk), then off to the main plaza and city hall and then to their flea marker where we took time to shop. Past 12noon (I knew the time because I was getting hungry!), we proceeded away from Puerto Vallarta and continued south along the Bay, then stopped for a photo opp at Los Arcos. We made another stop at a Tequilla factory where we had a chance to taste different varieties of Tequilla, and learned all over again how smooth pure Tequilla can be and how it is so different from Tequilla bought from local stores back home in North America. And as usual, we took home another bottle of flavored Tequilla (hmm, so good!)

By now, it is almost 2PM and I was really getting hungry! The good thing is that our next stop was to a yet familiar restaurant higher into the Sierra Madre rain forest; a restaurant right beside a nice riverside and a small waterfalls. 

Tour Duration:  pickup at 9AM, drop off at 4PM
Price per person: around US$35 but we got it FREE!

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