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Sun Mar 30 22:00:00 MDT 2014 - 30Mar2014 - Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

As usual, our Grand Mayan experience hasn't let us down. It's always a treat coming to this 5-star resort as they will spoil you. Amenities, dining, the service, the staff -- they're all excellent! You will be immersed in the world of the Mayans at the grand entrance to the resort - with the larger-than-life Mayan figures that greet you. The resort must have easily doubled its size since we visited 3 years ago. It will easily take you about 15 minutes to walk through the vast winding pools end to end. There is a Mayan pyramid that doubles as a water slide, a lazy river that winds through the resort, and there is also a wave pool at one end. If you want privacy, there are lots of areas secluded from the noise and crowd and you can just chill out the afternoon with your favorite drink or your favorite book. If you're bored with that, you might just soak yourself in the sun right at the beach.

This place has become huge! What also impressed me was the attention to detail and service. If you're tired of walking (and believe me, there will be lots of walking around this resort!), you can always prefer to be chauffered with the carts that go around the resort.

Checking in is so tidy and orderly. You won't see luggages piling at the lobby as what most resorts and hotels do. Your luggages are taken separate as soon as you get to the motor/receiving area while you are ushered to the reception area. You will meet your luggages later at your suite.


Luggages are directly delivered to our suites  There's always the trolleys if you don't want to walk  This is just one side of the Resort  The Grand Mayan entrance 

Sat Mar 15 15:17:09 MDT 2014 - A Weekend All To Ourselves

With everybody else gone to the Philippines, our weekends will be just the two of us at home... all to ourselves! These upcoming weekends will definitely be a do-nothing time for this little darling of ours demands full-time attention!

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