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Archived Blogs Archived Blogs: 2013 September
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Sun Sep 29 16:54:39 MDT 2013 - Gone Through Third Leg of PreWinter Chores

After having winterized it, we took the boat to storage. The short 40minute trip to the lake was complemented by the company of this little girl who eagerly wanted to be my helper. I thought that was so cute having Aja running around and helping me secure a storage cover on a boat!

Location: Ghost Lake, Alberta


Sat Sep 28 19:55:56 MDT 2013 - Gone Through Second Leg of PreWinter Chores

Days are really getting cold now. Surprisingly, this early too!

We must have been so busy with other activities this year for we just used the boat twice! And, where did the time go. Time to winterize it again!

My, oh my! Wintering the boat took the entire day!

Boat Hour Meter Reading: 60.4Hrs

checkmark 6 gallons of AntiFreeze
checkmark treat gas tank with Stabil
checkmark treat carburator with anti-fogging oil
checkmark wash boat
checkmark clean and treat all vinyl with conditioner
checkmark wax boat
checkmark take out prop and store away
checkmark take out battery and store away
checkmark take out audio deck face and store away
checkmark clean inboard leg
checkmark maintain trailer
checkmark unload life vests, aqua shoes, wet suites
     and store away
checkmark install boat storage cover
checkmark-unchecked change engine oil: N/A this year;
     used the boat only for 2hours (approx)
     in total
checkmark-unchecked change leg oil: N/A this year

And now, she`s ready for storage!


Sun Sep 22 18:36:03 MDT 2013 - Gone Through First Leg Of PreWinter Chores

The days are getting colder now - and these chores I don't wanna ever put on hold until later: oil changes to all vehicles.

For DIY detailed procedures to doing these (instead of taking it to the dealership Wink ), refer to the following links:

Sat Sep 14 00:00:00 MDT 2013 - Grassi Lakes Trail Hike

There is no boredom here.

The Grassi Lakes Trail is a very unique hike just outside Canmore. This trail takes you to 2 gorgeous turqouise lakes that are spring fed. Just few meters from the trailhead, there is a fork with signage: Easy or More Difficult route. Of course we got intrigued and chose the more difficult one - and were glad we took it! This more difficult route climbs gradually through forested terrain and cliffs, sometimes walking through streamlets before reaching a nice view point that shows off a large cascading waterfalls off a side of a cliff, and a view of the town of Canmore.  It then took us to a very steep section of switchbacks while gaining elevation. Once we got to the top, the view was awesome where we were greeted by 2 small, shallow, crystal clear lakes/ponds that were so deep turqouise and green in color. Also, the rock cliffs surrounding the upper lakes is popular to rock climbers.

Hike Duration: approximately 3.5hours
Trail Length: 4Km loop
Location:  Grassi Lakes Trail, Canmore


Mon Sep 2 00:00:00 MDT 2013 - Going Farther For A Change - Bow Glacier and Peyto Lakes

Another gorgeous day. So this time, we thought of taking the bike a little bit farther. Destination? Bow Glacier and Peyto Lakes. These torquise lakes are about 3 hours away from Calgary.

On our way back, we leisurely took time for supper in the town of Banff. As we were heading home, we were greeted by a long traffic just right after Canmore. There was no way we were gonna endure this jam, so we took the nearest exit and headed back to Canmore where we later took the old scenic route of highway 1A instead.

Location: Bow Glacier Lake, and Peyto Lake


Sun Sep 1 00:00:00 MDT 2013 - Call It A Date

More often than not, we spend much of our waking hours by ourselves as our kids choose to go their own ways. So in times like these, Nora might as well learn the ropes of the second hand in launching a boat. But for now, let me call it a date!

Location: Ghost Lake, Alberta

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