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Archived Blogs Archived Blogs: 2013 August
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Sat Aug 31 00:00:00 MDT 2013 - Soaking In Intense Scenery

Long weekend. Saturday. Sunny. Clear skies. Loaded up the bike and headed towards Banff National Park with only one and only one intention in mind - get soaked in with intense scenery. And indeed, that's what we got!

First stop:      Morraine Lake
Second stop: Lake Louise
Third stop:     Vermillion Lake

What a perfect day indeed for photo ops - as I stacked up both cameras with ND/Polarizers and UV filters!


Sun Aug 25 00:00:00 MDT 2013 - Elbow Falls

This is our first visit to the Elbow Falls area since the June floods that hit Calgary area. This area has been cut off from motorists because of a washed out bridge.   We just could not believe how big the damage to the area right at the falls. It has changed dramatically. Where picnic tables, trails, and trees used to be is now a dry river bed. The falls also seem to be a little shorter probably because of rocks and debris carried downstream.

We dropped by at Bragg Creek to pick up lunch but most of the places we used to frequent were still closed for business.

After our stop at the Elbow Falls, we proceeded to Forgetmenot Ponds for a quiet time and then off to Cochrane for ice cream.  

Location: Elbow Falls, Forgetmenot Ponds, Cochrane - Alberta

Sat Aug 17 00:00:00 MDT 2013 - We Left Our Hearts In San Francisco

... the morning fog will chill the air, but we don't care!

It's been a very nice week visiting San Francisco! See you again next time!

Location: San Francisco, California USA

Fri Aug 16 00:00:00 MDT 2013 - After A Tiring Shopping, Notion of Food Cannot Any Longer Be Ignored

Shopping is tiring. After an exhausting shopping, the notion of food is something longer could not be ignored -- and what better place to be at right at Westfield Shopping Mall. This time will be for food for sure. So we ventured on trying their theme of Restaurants under the Dome. M.Y. China obviously caught our eye, an upscale and trendy chinese restaurant within the mall by legendary TV celebrity Martin Yan.

For starters, their Wonton Soup was awesome. The Squid ink Snap Noodles with seafood was great as well. The noodles came in an unusual form and I guess was made with squid ink, I assume because it was black. They make their noodles in house, by the way. We also ordered the BBQ Duck which came with chineses buns which supposedly was to be folded with the bbq duck and other condiments. It was great as well.

At the end, we thought the food was a little pricey but I guess it paid for itself!

Location: Westfield Shopping Mall - San Francisco, California USA

Thu Aug 15 00:00:00 MDT 2013 - At The Crookedest Street - Lombard Street

Often referred to as the "crookedest street" in San Francisco, Lombard Street is in fact neither the crookedest nor the steepest street in the city, let alone in the world. Oddly enough, this street is most often visited by tourists alike.

We like visiting this place for its character and its proximity to Fisherman's Wharf. The street is built with eight switchbacks on a 40-degree slope. It is also accessible via cable car.

Location: Lombard Street, San Francisco


Thu Aug 15 00:00:00 MDT 2013 - Another Try At The Cheesecake Factory

Walking around San Francisco is not an easy feat for me with my bad shins. After our visit with the crooked street in Lombard Street, we thought of dining at the Cheesecake Factory, at the top of Macy's in Union Square. It is still about 5PM in the afternoon, and we thought there should be no crowd. But to our surprise, it was busy as usual and ended up waiting for another hour with no where to sit -- pushing my endurance and patience with my already-tired shins.

At the end, we enjoyed the food, the view, and particularly our starters...

Location: Cheesecake Factory, Union Square - San Francisco

Wed Aug 14 00:00:00 MDT 2013 - Another Try For A Seafood Feast

We got carried away dining today. But whereelse is a better place to indulge (overdo?) on seafood while in San Francisco -- but at the Fisherman's Wharf area...

Tonight, we ventured out to Eat At Joe's ready to dive in on their famous Steampots. I haven't eaten so much crab for a long, long time since we've been here years ago! This is gotta be something to remember!

Location: Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco


Mon Aug 12 00:00:00 MDT 2013 - So Crowded At Cheesecake Factory at Macy's SFO

Cheesecake Factory by Macy's at Union Square, San Francisco was so busy and crowded that I gave up within just few minutes. (Un)Fortunately, someone twisted my arm that I had to endure the second try. This better be good! At the end, I think it was good!

Location: Cheesecake Factory - Union Square, San Francisco

Sun Aug 11 00:00:00 MDT 2013 - Surprise in SFO?

So, it started with a delayed flight from Calgary because of heavy fog in San Francisco...

You think after half a dozen times I've been to SFO, I'd learn to bring a jacket or a sweater? Noooo, not at all! Well, you guessed it right -- I now have another jacket to my luggage. Walking right down to Fisherman's Wharf wasn't so enjoyable without another layer for warmth...

Location: San Francisco, USA

Mon Aug 5 00:00:00 MDT 2013 - Extended August Long Weekend In Regina

It started out as a nice cool morning when we left Calgary but got rained out when we got to Medicine Hat area. We just realized the last time we went through this way last year, we also got rained out around the same area. Of course, our silicone-sealed jackets didn't hold up to the soaking after 2 hours of rain. And, at 17degrees C, rain and wind on a motorbike is not so exciting! The only thing that wasn't cold was my hands! Heated grips on a bike is bliss!

Our Regina visit was fun as always. Visiting friends and staying up till 3 oclock in the morning seem to be a trend here.

What can I say - our trip back to Calgary was rained out again! At Medicine Hat again! So, what's up with this area? It seems to love showering us whenever we are driving through on a bike!

Location: Regina, Saskatchewan
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