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Archived Blogs Archived Blogs: 2013 July
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Sun Jul 21 00:00:00 MDT 2013 - Joy In Banff - Literally

We brought Joy to Banff! Ok, your immediate thought: We must have done something godly that made people of Banff happy! Unfortunately, it is not about what. To find that out, you may scroll all the way to the bottom of this blog.

Joy in Banff, literally! We took Joy to Banff for a daytrip and get awed by beautiful scapes. Our first stop was Tunnel Mountain and The Hoodoos, then off to Vermillion Lake where we had our lunch. After lunch, we headed off to Johnston Canyon for coffee and more intense scenery. The place was packed and busy as parking spilled over to the side roads. No surprise there!  We then proceeded for an hour and a half hike to Lower Falls.

As we were heading out of Bow Valley, we were caught up on a mini traffic jam as passersby pulled over to watch this beautiful black bear grazing right off the road. Bear was so oblivious of everybody snapping photos and even from honking horns of some irrate drivers.

Back in Banff town center, we headedf straight for the Bow Falls and then off to the Gondola rides.

By 5PM, there were still lots of day light to spare but we had to cut our visit short as Joy had to be back in Calgary for a commitment. Ah well, next time again!

... and by the way, here is Joy  

Sun Jul 14 00:00:00 MDT 2013 - Kananaskis Bike Out

Forecast for today: Sunny, 17C in the morning with a high of 21C in the afternoon. An excellent day for a bike ride in the mountains. Also, we were so curious on how Kananaskis area fair out with the recent heavy rainfall that flooded most of Calgary area.

Kananaskis indeed had lots of traces of flooding and erosion along the way. Unfortunately, the golf course was hit so bad that it was closed indefinitely - including one of our favorite places to dine in while there! Sad. Rumors had it that they won't be rebuilding. In any case, this entire area is still one of our favorite backyards!

Location:  Kananaskis Country,
Alberta CANADA

Tue Jul 2 00:00:00 MDT 2013 - Backyard Shots - It's Not About The Flowers

After several days of heavy rain (which put Calgary in a State of Emergency because of severe flooding), everywhere turned really green -- and that includes our backyard. So now, our backyard is blooming in colors. But who said "it's all about the flowers"? Well, no! This time is about a little person that roams around the backyard (ok, just on the deck only...)

Location: at Home

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