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Archived Blogs Archived Blogs: 2011 September
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Sun Sep 25 00:00:00 MDT 2011 - 2011Sep - Day Hike with Nature - Johnston Canyon

Hillsdale Meadows on Bow Valley Parkway:
Our day trek starts with a short stop in the picturesque Hillsdale Meadows.
This valley boasts a scenic grandeur in Fall and offers a slower driving route with incomparable views. It's definitely a
stop-and-smell-the-roses route, as most say. This area had a prescribed burn (Flames of Life) in 1993.

Johnston Canyon
Elevation Gain: 5,400 ft
Hightlights: 7 waterfalls, trail inside a deep canyon
Upper Falls: 2.7 Km (one way)
Lower Falls: 1.1 Km (one way)

The self-guided interpretive trail to the Upper Falls takes about 3 hours of hike (back and forth). This trail has to be the busiest in the Canadian Rockies.
The first major falls, the Lower Falls, about 20 meters high, is about 1.1Km (roughly 1/2hour walk). Continuing on from the Lower Falls, the trail climbs slowly out of the canyon, passing by 5 smaller waterfalls. At 2.7Km, the trail reaches the Upper Falls (30 meters high).

Vermillion Lakes:
Our visit to Banff National Park is not complete without a visit to this inspirational series of lakes. It rained when we got here but the view was amazingly awesome even after the rain. Stayed a little longer after the sun set.

Final Take:
We wrapped up our day trek with Korean dishes in Canmore.

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Sun Sep 25 00:00:00 MDT 2011 - 2011Sep - Drumheller Valley Trek

Location: Drumheller, Alberta
AKA: "Dinosaur Capital of the World", "Badlands of Alberta"

Located in the heart of the Badlands, Drumheller Valley has an interesting history which spans back some 70 million years to a time when the area was very different than it is today. These vast plains were the home of what we today know as the Dinosaurs.

Areas visited:

  • Horseshoe Canyon
  • Drumheller town
  • Royal Tyrrell Museum
  • McMullen Island
  • Horsethief Canyon
  • Rosedale Suspension Bridge
  • The Hoodoos

Wed Sep 14 00:00:00 MDT 2011 - 2011Sep - Regina Visit

This is a special and unplanned visit to Regina. A time to reflect and connect with family and close friends.

  • good time with the Arrojados and mom
  • visit with the Lagrimas family
  • awesome time with the Pascuas, the Culigs and their families

Hi-Resolution / Photos for Prints are also available for download at the Download Zone.


Sun Sep 4 00:00:00 MDT 2011 - 2011Sep - Last Long Weekend of Summer - Hiking the Galatea

Elevation Gain: 460 m (1500 ft)
Distance: 6.5KM one way

This is a moderately difficult trail along the banks of Galatea Creek (in Kananaskis Country of Alberta, Canada) arriving eventually at Lillian Lake --- and if you’re adventurous enough, eventually reaching the upper and lower Galatea Lakes (roughly add another 1.6Km hike). Along with a suspension bridge over the Kananaskis River there are 10 other bridge crossings that zigzags back and forth over the creek as it gradually climbs the valley.

This trail involves plenty of uphill hiking, some determination and good foot work criss-crossing over foot and log bridges, over rocks and tree trunks, and over a very steep section.

Worried that we will not be able to make it back to the parking lot before evening, we turned around just roughly 1.5hours before Lillian Lake. The complete hike to Lillian Lake should take anywhere from 6-8 hours.

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Location: Galatea Trails, Kananaskis Country, Alberta

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