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Archived Blogs Archived Blogs: 2010 September
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Thu Sep 30 14:29:45 MDT 2010 - 09/26/2010 - Back Country Trips Continues - Fall Colors

Our quest for Fall Colors continues today, Sunday. Although they're everywhere-- location, location, location is a prereq!

Started with a pleasant drive from Calgary to the mountains, about an hour away. Not much traffic but lots of sights to see. The colors - great! Destination: Kananaskis Country, then a Korean lunch at Canmore (what can I say; we feel in love with this Korean place right after we discovered it by accident). Ok. Originally we meant to go all the way to the Lake Louise area but was meet by heavy rain right after we left Canmore-- all the way past Banff. So, we decided to turn back around and headed back to Banff town and went for coffee instead. Starbucks. Hah, great idea! That should wire up my wife!

After that afternoon rain, we decided to visit some familiar places and discovered new ones too! Johnson Lake was one of them.

A well-spent day with my wife!

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Thu Sep 30 01:33:36 MDT 2010 - 09/25/2010 - A Saturday Drive to the Back Country

It's been unusually cold and rainy these past several days but this weekend is a bonus: sunny! So off we go drive to the back country in seek of fall colors. I love Alberta fall colors: of deep yellows and reds, the peaceful walks, the fresh air, the calm waters at the lakes---nothing tops that!

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Thu Sep 9 02:25:20 MDT 2010 - 09/06/2010 - Labour Day Long Weekend Trek Continues

So the outdoor trek continues for this Labour Day long weekend. As usual, we packed our bikes and off we go venturing out the back country of Elbow Valley and the K-Country (Kananaskis) area, had a quick bite at Bragg Creek and then continued on westward towards Elbow Falls and the Bragg Creek trails.

Elbow Valley is just about 45mins drive from our place.


  • Elbow Falls: as usual was a little crowded with visitors and I do remember noticing all picnic tables taken
  • West Bragg Creek trails
  • Forget-Me-Not Ponds: was very still towards late afternoon; nice setting for lake photos 

The Forget-Me-Not Ponds, K-country, Alberta

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Mon Sep 6 00:45:31 MDT 2010 - 09/04/2010 - Labour Long WeekEnd Break

An awesome long weekend break -- a nice day at Banff National Park, biking in Vermillion Lakes, a Korean lunch, a 90-minute massage, and Sushi!

Banff Visit Highlights:

  • Lake Minnewanka, once known as "Lake of the Water Spirits" by the Stoney People, is a glacial lake situated about 15kms from the town of Banff, Alberta -- and is the longest lake in the Canadian Rockies, spanning about 27km long.
  • Two Jack Lake located on the Lake Minnewanka Loop, is a picturesque drive around torquoise-colored lakes with lots of nature at its best including elk, mountain sheep and mountain goats and plenty of birds.
  • Vermilion Lakes is just west of Banff townsite and runs parallel to the TransCanada for 4 km. The Vermilion Lakes are a large wetland area of sedge and willow flats and shallow water bodies connected by many small channels.

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