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Archived Blogs Archived Blogs: 2010 August
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Sat Aug 28 21:04:34 MDT 2010 - 08/21/2010 - The Sources and River of Light Art Installation Event, downtown Calgary

Aug. 15-21 2010, Calgary featured an art installation/event using contemporary lighting installation by renowned London artist Laurent Louyer (Creatmosphere). Color-coded daylight spheres dotted around Prince's Island, downtown Calgary. These spheres represent the Bow River's four water sources: rainwater, groundwater, glacier, and snowmelt. The installation makes use of light, motion and colour to communicate information about the river, flow, quality, water cycle and demand. Creatmosphere feeds data to each of the individually-addressed spheres, and in turn different light
patterns are created, depending on the data they are receiving.

Aug 21, 2010 at 9:00PM (River of Light event), 500 spheres will supposedly be released into the river and were to end up down the Prince's Island lagoon. So today as part of our weekend biking routine, we loaded our bikes in the morning and headed towards downtown. We took an early supper at Globefish, had our fav sushi and then headed back downtown again and hangout for the main event.

By 8:30PM, crowd have started gathering at the Prince's Island bridge right where the Data Spheres art installation was. It was already 11PM when the first two spheres came into the lagoon. Yes, you read that right. Two! Fifteen minutes later,  another group of three. Disappointed at the pace, we decided to head back home. On our way out of downtown, we could not help but notice people with these spheres. Funny! Well, there you go---that just explains it! They could have at least allowed those spheres to reach downtown. What is the matter with you people???

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Sat Aug 28 10:05:33 MDT 2010 - 08/15/2010 - Perfect Day For Boating - Little Bow AB

Another family outing to Little Bow Provincial Park, Alberta, CANADA. Little Bow is about 1-1/2hour drive from home.

Today is perfect day for boating: sunny +25C! Alyssa missed this day for she is travelling in Europe (that is nice too!)

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Sun Aug 15 10:19:54 MDT 2010 - 08/14/2010 - Biking to the Taste of Calgary Fair

This weekend was the remaining days of the "Taste of Calgary" Fair held in the beautiful setting of Eau Clair, downtown Calgary. Of course, we took our bikes to get there --- who can resist this nice sunny day, not too cold, not too hot -- just a perfect +18C.

The "Taste of Calgary" fair is about sampling the different cuisines of Calgary. After a short round, we found ourselves in the patio of Joey's Tomatoes just right within where the fair was held.

What an awesome day!

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Fri Aug 13 00:53:49 MDT 2010 - 08/08/2010 - Family Outing - Little Bow Park, Alberta

Sunday, August 8, 2010:'s forecast for Little Bow: mainly sunny all day. So off we go-- but halfway through the drive, it started raining! Still hopeful that it will actually be sunny at Little Bow, we continued.

So we got to Little Bow, and it turned out to be very cloudy. We even had occasional spits of rain. But that was ok; we were still enjoying this time together. Finally, around 3PM after a short rain, it started to clear up. It was all sunny from thereon!

Amazing time together!

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Thu Aug 12 00:21:40 MDT 2010 - 08/07/2010 - Our Weekly Biking Routine (all the way to downtown Calgary)

Saturday morning: we gear up our bikes again and take the scenic biking path from home (the NW part of Calgary), trekking along the Bow River, all the way to downtown Calgary (Eau Clair/Princess Island area).

This is a nice bike path roughly about an hour ride one way. And halfway through, we usually stop by at our favorite resting place and get ourselves some Taro Bubble Tea, for a nice treat!

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Tue Aug 10 00:44:02 MDT 2010 - 08/02/2010 - Family Bonding

Today we were supposed to head out and go boating. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't on our side. Instead, all four of us decided to go out for sushi. Why not? It's been awhile we've been to sushi. And yes, it was awesome! Everything was good!

Guess what? We all also have agreed to come back the following week and get more of that family bonding over sushi feast! :-))

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Tue Aug 10 00:21:06 MDT 2010 - 08/01/2010 - Our Saturday Morning Biking Routine keeping up with our Saturday Biking routine: today, we venture out on the rougher, steeper biking trails of the northern side of Nose Hill Park. We just lasted about an hour or so because of too many mosquitoes...

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