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Sun Jun 27 15:38:55 MDT 2010 - 06/27/2010 - New Chicks on the Nest

Noticed that the mother is not on her nest today---and upon looking closely, noticed that our new resident actually has new chicks already. I hope the nest is not too hot for them since the nest is right underneath the upper deck!

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Sat Jun 19 23:44:52 MDT 2010 - 06/19/2010 - Perfect Day for Biking and Hiking

... a perfect day for biking and hiking around our neighbourhood!

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Sat Jun 19 15:49:51 MDT 2010 - My Home Away From Home

For the past month and the next several months, a hotel room will be my home away from home again as I work on a project implementation. I guess, I'm back at living on a suitcase again!

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Sun Jun 6 14:44:12 MDT 2010 - 06/06/2010 - New Resident Welcomed

...just discovered this new resident nesting beneath our upper deck; and, sure she is very welcome to stay as long as she wants...

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