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Archived Blogs Archived Blogs: 2010 May
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Sat May 29 17:25:32 MDT 2010 - Old Man Winter Is Back Again!

Having lived here in the midwest for many years now, I should have been used to this already... but, we are already well unto June and now we have this snow again. Well, well, well, old man winter is back again!


 For full pic coverage, see this link.

Sat May 29 17:14:31 MDT 2010 - A Handy Garage Hoist

Installed this garage hoist that can accomodate upto 4 bikes --- and proved so handy and convenient. I love this! Now I can have access to the bikes a lot quicker and easier, compared to from retrieving them from the shed among piles of garden stuff and what not!

 also see this link.

Fri May 21 01:12:49 MDT 2010 - My Flight Home

Missed my flight home today and was put on standby for the next flight, which was delayed for an hour and a half, which ended up having no seats available, and was told all flights for the day were sold out and might have to wait for the following day. However, I still went try for standby for the very last flight for the day, which by the way was also delayed for an hour, but at the end was able to get a seat -- the very last seat available, that is. Despite everything, God taught me to remain calm about this. God is good!

at Fort McMurray Airport

Tue May 18 21:04:55 MDT 2010 - Outdoor Plumbing and Pond Pumps are in place again!

Our outdoor plumbing to our sprinklers and garden are now fixed and running again after 2days of intense work and constant trips to Home Depot. All our outdoor plumbing broke last October 2009 after a surprise overnight freeze.

All pond pumps are now also in place and in operation.

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Sat May 15 21:55:17 MDT 2010 - My 850 gets a wheel lift

Mounted its summer tires today. The car was totally dead from winter storage. Plugged it in and left it with its built-in trickle charger.

Thu May 6 21:50:30 MDT 2010 - Regina Trip

It was nice and sunny from Calgary until past Medicine Hat where rain occassionally turned into melting snow. So far, the X5 was very stable with its huge and wide summer tires. Even at 150clicks under pouring rain, it still stood to its nature of still being what it was to be, very stable at harsh conditions.

By the time we got to Swift Current and all the way to Regina, the sun was out and it felt like summer again!

10PM: got to Regina and was amazed on how much it changed! Lots of new developments!

Wed May 5 21:49:40 MDT 2010 - Regina Trip Prep

Mounted summer tires on the X5 today in prep to our Regina visit. Forecast will be in the double digits from May 5th to 9th, both in Regina and Calgary. Forecast of showers/rain on the 9th in Alberta. So by the looks of it, it will be ok to mount the summer tires now.

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