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Archived Blogs Archived Blogs: 2010 January
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Wed Jan 20 00:00:00 MST 2010 - Dusting Off Instruments After Long Hibernation

Well, after so many. many months of idle (feels more like decades ago!), today I have decided to dust off my instruments and make some noise... and, my oh my, do my fingers ever hurt! They also seem to wander around uncontrollably! Feels like I will be needing lots of time to get back in shape again...


Tue Jan 19 00:00:00 MST 2010 - I Now Declare Home DIY Projects Done

About 3 years ago, I embarked on an ambitious home project to accomplish the following:

  • Music Studio
  • Media Room/Home Theatre
  • Rec Room
  • Exercise Room/Guest Room
  • a Full Bath Washroom
  • an Indoor Water Fall Feature
  • an Aquarium
  • Closets: make use of every space possible
  • Indirect Lighting details
  • a 3-Tier Ground-Level Deck
  • a 2-Tier Pond & Waterfall System
  • Automated Underground Sprinklers
  • Grass
  • replace and widen Upper Deck to full width of house
  • Lighting system
  • a Shed
  • Automated Underground Sprinklers
  • Grass
  • Waterfall/Pond

It was an entire family project where my wife, daughter, and my son learned how to do drywalling, initial mudding, tiling, and carpentry. I guess we all had fun doing it together!

Just few days ago, I put in the very last piece of work (I THINK, I HOPE): installed shelvings on closet and utility rooms.

The project is now officially DONE!


Mon Jan 18 00:00:00 MST 2010 - In and About - Canada

  • Montreal, QC
  • Nanaimo, BC
  • Niagara Falls, CANADA
  • Ottawa, ON
  • Regina, SK
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Victoria. BC
  • Whistler, BC

Fri Jan 8 23:29:03 MST 2010 - What a big swing in temperature today!

Although we, Calgarians, are so used to these Chinook phenomenon where you can literally have 4 seasons in a day, it might still be worth noting that today is no different.

Today it is already a balmy +3.5C early in the morning. Whereas the night before, our temperature went down to -26C. Although we had extreme swings in temperatures before -- really, really big swings, I still think today's temperature is still a big swing -- according to my standards anyways!  

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