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What's Driving This Site
A Logical Overview
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NOTE: All graphical components used in this site are the sole design, development works of Roy Malinao, pSynergy Solutions Inc. pSIweb™ is also a brainchild system development effort of Roy Malinao.

PSIweb™ Engine is an integrated Web Application and Content Management System that easily incorporates selected content-context-dependent design elements then manipulated, managed and dynamically displayed by the system. It allows easy management of different content types. As these rich content types are categorized by the system, the incorporation of content types like Rich Texts, GraphicalBanners, TextBanners, AdBanners, Photos/Albums,  Blogs, Slideshows, Media-Videos, Media-Audio, UserGuides/Manuals, Journals, ProductCatalogs, News, Testimonials, Comments, Download Lists, Feature Lists, Video Picks, etc. makes a site management a breeze -- rich, robust, flexible, adaptable, consistent, and manageable.

Several Control Elements like Paging Controls, Document Anchors, Layout Controls, Content Locking mechanisms, Content Behaviors, Headings/Tray designs, Content Container designs, Form Designs/Controls, Drag & Drop Controls, date-dependent Dynamic Site Themes, Upload Controls, Upload Runtimes support (Adobe Flash, Silverlight, Gears, HTML5), Content Approval & Publishing, granular Security Provisions, Calendar Controls, Content Reorganization, Log Controls, Subscription/Cancellation Controls, Content Broadcast to Subscribers, Content Expiration Controls, intuitive Validation Controls, Dynamic Player for different Media Types, Search Controls, Grid/List Controls, Map Controls, Single/Collective Album Mode Controls, Content Zoom Controls are just one of the few functionalities available thru the system. Full control over Rich Text type contents (including supporting images/artifacts) also makes site management flexible while making it adaptable and extensible because layout and look-and-feel control is at your finger tips. Navigation and a multi-level Menuing System is also dynamically managed by the system.

The engine also has full search functionality.

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   are Trademarks of pSynergy Solutions Inc., Copyright © 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. All rights reserved.

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