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Professional Background
My Professional Bio
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Roy Malinao offers more than 35 years of accomplishment-laden experience in the I.T. industry, and have served in several capacities including Team Lead roles. He works as a Consultant specializing in SAP technologies, IBM WebSphere technologies, and Microsoft Dynamics space. He also serves as the VP for Corporate Enterprise Development, Psynergy.

Leveraging an ever-expanding portfolio of qualifications covering several computer languages, enterprise development and integration experiences, UI usability designs, full cycle SAP project implementations, web application designs and development, and graphics/media design skills that complement his core competencies, Roy proved time and again his flexibility to changing market conditions and his ability to wear many hats in the effort to meet and exceed corporate goals and challenges.

Throughout his career, Roy has had the opportunity to establish a strong network of client contacts ranging from the private sector to Education, Agriculture, Utilities, Power Generation, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, and the Public Sector.

Roy earned his Computer Science degree from the University of Regina, his Object Oriented Languages from the University of Calgary, his Electronics and Communications Engineering degree from Feati University, and has passed his Board Examination/Engineering Licensure, and is a P.Eng (Philippines).


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