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Warmup Routines
on Drums
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calendar July 14, 2019

Warmup Routines on Drums

- I take a different approach to my warmup routines by over-emphasizing on hitting everything on my rack. It helps me buildup muscle memory when I need to hit something without a need to look at it 

So now that we sold our house in just 2 weeks of posting on the market, reality is starting to sink in. While I am glad that we sold it in relatively just a short time, there's also sadness that I can't avoid as there's obviously things that I will surely miss. We're in a panic to sell big items like my entire music studio gear (excluding a selection of guitars of couse).

My music studio will definitely be the place that I will surely miss. This is where I usually spend hours relaxing, or sometimes in seclusion, or on some cases, as my sanctuary for destressing. At times I use it as the extended man-cave; a place of retreat. This is my space. This is my refuge when things gets stressful and chaotic. My wind-down at times.


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